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Chevron Philippines Inc. is looking for dynamic investors who would like to become a Caltex retailer.

We have 1 site available:
  • Lemery, Batangas
For more information on the criteria and qualifications of a Caltex retailer, please contact Carol Callangan via email or mobile 0918 8015189. Alternatively, read our FAQ.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Being a Retailer Expand
  • How long does it take to build a new site?
    A basic Chevron station takes about 6 months to get completed. But depending upon the size, location, facilities to be installed, etc., the time span may change.
  • How long does it take to convert my existing station into a Chevron station?
    The average time required is 3-4 months. But, the actual time can only be determined post examining the size and facilities of your station.
  • How much training do my staff and I need and how long does it take before we can open for business?
    Prior to opening your station, it’s mandatory for all to complete Management team training. This ideally takes about four to six weeks, but can be completed quickly if you have previous retail experience.
  • How many hours do I have to work?
    Usually, all Chevron stations are open 24 hours. But you can choose how much time you personally spend on the site (also depends on whether you have employed a station manager).
  • Who will deliver my products to me?
    A Chevron-hired tanker will deliver them to your station, based on your online orders via Chevron Business Point.
The Caltex Support Expand
  • Can we obtain a credit line from Chevron and if so what are the requirements?
    Yes. But all credit is at the discretion of Chevron. To have access of the credit, you need to post a security deposit and go through the necessary approval processes.
  • Will Chevron support me with marketing programs and training?
    Absolutely! You have access of a full list of marketing programs and training that we offer to you and your station personnel.
  • Will Chevron share in some advertising costs if I want to run some local ads?
    Yes. We do support certain kind of advertisements by up to 50%. For more details, contact your business consultant.
Becoming a Caltex Retailer Expand
  • What are the Site Requirements
    Land Requirement Owns or acquires land (approximately 40,000 Sq Ft). The shape of land and other authority requirements are also of prime importance.
    Chevron Retailer Agreement Term 10 years. Extendable by another 10 years under agreed terms and conditions.
    Buildings and Structure Structure constructed by the investor must adhere to Chevron Standard design
    Equipment Must be sourced through Chevron accredited vendors
    Signage Branding material and other signages will be provided by Chevron
  • Are there any restrictions or preferences to the location?
    Yes. The site will be inspected by Chevron employees to determine the acceptability of the property.
  • Who will determine the potential of the site?
    You’ll be provided with thorough training to develop a business plan for your site.
  • How much do I need to invest?
    Initial investment will include:
    1) RM 1.5 to 2.0 Mil for facilities and equipment and
    2) RM 550,000 as Working Capital (including cash security).
  • How do I get started?
    You may find all the necessary information in this page.

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