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Chevron Philippines Inc. is looking for dynamic investors who would like to become a Caltex retailer.

We have 1 site available:
  • Lemery, Batangas
For more information on the criteria and qualifications of a Caltex retailer, please contact Carol Callangan via email or mobile 0918 8015189. Alternatively, read our FAQ.
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Hear Our Caltex Stories See The Caltex Advantage Learn To Be A Caltex Retailer
The Caltex Advantage
The Caltex Advantage

The Caltex brand focuses on five key areas to propel your business towards success. Read on to uncover the secrets.

How to become a Caltex Retailer
How to become a Caltex Retailer.

As an outstanding business partner, we provide you with key benefits. Now, become a successful Caltex partner in just 8 steps.

Jason and his partner are born retailers

They have developed a very profitable mixed use site by choosing a great location and filling it with popular attractions like McDonalds and a convenience store. Jason gives away some interesting insights into his success, and how he plans to expand his empire of Caltex stations.

Our Specialists are here to guide you along the journey!

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