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Learn: How to become a Caltex Retailer

Getting Started

We understand that many people view the opportunity of becoming a Caltex Retailer as highly promising. But, at Caltex, our foremost responsibility is towards our customers. That is why we examine each application in great detail before choosing the right partner. Here are some common traits that we share with our partners, which are the key to the success of our Service Stations:

  • Commitment
    Commitment to our values; meeting our operating standards to deliver a clean, safe and reliable customer experience; and performing as per expectations
  • Business Ethically
    Ability to conduct business ethically with respect to the law, protecting the environment and benefitting your community
  • Sufficient Financial Resources
    Sufficient financial resources and experience in retail marketing
  • Openness and Willingness
    Openness & willingness to learn and grow with us
  • Owns Land
    Owns or acquires land (Min. 1,000 square meter.)

If you think you meet all the above mentioned prerequisites, then you are one step closer to becoming a Caltex Retailer and forming a win-win partnership with us. All you need to do is get in touch with us here.

Benefits of Joining Us

We are committed to being an outstanding business partner and to provide you with all necessary assistance to ensure that your Service Station is a grand success. Here are some key benefits you stand to enjoy as a Caltex Retailer:

Total Ownership & Long Term Investment

As a chosen partner, you will retain complete ownership of the land and business operations. Also, we will introduce you to local financial institutions that can provide attractive financial packages.

Flexibility in the Set-up

Enjoy greater flexibility in business. Customize your promotional offerings to suit your business and customers' needs.

Maximize Backcourt Partnerships

Our backcourt partnerships allow you to co-brand with renowned services and restaurants, thereby maximizing your business potential.

No Royalty/Franchise Fees

You are not bound to pay any Royalty/Franchise fees to Chevron.


Application Process

Here is a simple graphical guide to show you your journey to becoming part of our Caltex family:

Application Process

Become a Caltex Retailer

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Caltex Support

Can we obtain a credit line from Caltex and if so, what are the requirements?

Will Caltex support me with marketing programs and trainings?

Will Caltex assist me in the maintenance of the station (equipment, building structure, etc.)?

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